Cosrx AC Collection Ultimate Spot Cream 30gms


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An overnight spot treatment that helps treat active acne.

  • Soothes with Zinc Oxide, Calamine, CentellAC-RX Complex and Aloe Leaf Water
  • Clears source of breakout and excess sebum
  • Can be used day and night for best results



The Ultimate Spot Cream is an overnight sptreatment used applied to active acne breakouts and growing inflammation. A fast-acting cream, it adheres to the target areas and aids quick recovery of the skin.

The formula gently and effectively dries out visible acne using a combination of key ingredients – Zinc Oxide, Calamine, CentellAC-RX Complex and Aloe Leaf Water. These ingredients simultaneously soothe the acne spots and clear the source of the breakout and absorbs excess sebum.

It also uses a dual-block system that maintains product hygiene by blocking air until you directly open the tube.

The spot cream is best used after cleansing and exfoliation but before toners and other treatments. It can be applied when a pimple begins to appear, is ready to be popped or has already been popped. For optimal effects, apply a thin layer in the morning, and a thick layer on the affected area before sleeping at night.

pH Level: 7.00~8.00

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