Innisfree Pore Blur Primer 25ml

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This hydrating primer evens out the surface of your skin, giving you a smooth canvas for you to apply your makeup.

It contains naturally derived minerals and mint ingredients from Jeju to keep your skin feeling fresh. (25ml)


 1,350.00 1,499.00


Product Details

1. Free of silicon oil and has a light and refreshing texture
Free of silicon oil and has a refreshing finish without feeling heavy and sticky

2. The skin fit formula thoroughly covers the skin for a smooth texture
The skin fit formula with excellent adhesiveness thoroughly covers pores and bumps to make the skin texture smooth

3. The moist texture leaves a fresh finish without dryness and flakiness
The moist and refreshing texture thoroughly controls oil and sebum without causing dryness and flaking
* Non-comedogenic test completed (can be used on skin with blemishes/acne)
* 8-free (animal ingredients, mineral oil, synthetic pigments, polyacrylamide, imidazolidinyl urea, triethanolamine, silicon oil, talc

After your skincare ritual, squeeze a small portion onto your fingertips and spread a thin layer over your visible pores and other concern-areas. Pat lightly for better coverage.

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