Skinfood Rice Mask Wash Off 100gms


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Brighten and soften with nutrient rich Rice! This classic mask wash off featuring Rice Bran Water packed with Vitamin E and antioxidants, gently exfoliates the skin while brightening and softening the skin for a clear and hydrated complexion.




A gentle exfoliating wash-off mask that’s formulated with rice bran water to softly remove dead skin cells and even out stubborn pigmentation.

Perfect for dehydrated skin types, using this creamy mask once or twice a week will help keep dull skin dewy and visibly brighter!

The natural grainy texture and shower proof formula makes this a great scrub for both your face and body.

Best For: All Skin Types

Key Points: Brightening + Skin softening

SIZE: 100g

How To Use?

After cleansing, massage gently into damp skin. Leave the mask for 10-15 minutes. Then, wash off with warm water to reveal silky, refreshed skin.

PLEASE NOTE: We always recommend a quick patch test before using a new product. Simply apply a small amount to a hidden area of your skin (such as your wrist or neck) to make sure you don’t have any reactions or sensitivities to your new K- Beauty product.

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